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Aaron Ramsey still needs time to recover from Injury

After a string of underwhelming performances from Aaron Ramsey not only with Arsenal but also with his country Wales, Ramsey has stepped up to all of the criticism that he has been receiving and stated that he still has not been able to fully recover from the recent injuries that Welsh midfielder has picked up and this is why his latest performances have been so disappointing in comparison to those made in the previous season when Ramsey was named as Arsenal’s player of the year.

Even with all of the latest critique that Ramsey has been receiving, the Welsh midfielder of Arsenal is confident of what he has to offer and what he is capable of doing once he is fully recovered and back to play at his best giving it everything in his capability.

"It's going to take a few more games for me to get back to my best. I'm not worried. I know my qualities. I've had a few injuries this season and I'm just getting back. To be honest, I'm still not 100 percent physically there and it does take a bit out of me. It will take me a few more games to be back to my best and I'm not worried. Certain criticism from people is unfair." Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey as the Welsh player voiced his opinion concerning some of the latest criticism that he has been receiving.

Arsenal lost the chance of getting a spot in the higher section of the Premier League standings after losing against Swansea City but their next opponents will be Manchester United and Ramsey is hoping that Arsenal can emerge victorious as he wants his teammates and squad to start building momentum from this match until the end of the season.

"We now have a tough week. We have Manchester United and then Dortmund. We started off slowly. We've had a few draws. We have a lot of catching up still to do. Hopefully we can turn our season around and get a bit of momentum going. " Ramsey added on.