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Arsenal supporters want Ramsey to stay

After Aaron Ramsey put on another sparkling show in the recent London derby against the Spurs, the supporters are starting to raise their voice to the Gunners hierarchy for the playmaker to be awarded an extension.

Ramsey who had landed at the Emirates a decade back has proven to be a good buy for Arsenal over the years as he has made many vital contributions and has helped the team win games, but his time in North London now seems to be up as Arsenal is believed to be in no mood to award him an extension, something the supporters are not very happy about.

Arsenal actually had initially asked Ramsey for an extension and the two parties had agreed on the new deal with Ramsey all set to put pen on paper, but then all of a sudden, Arsenal changed their minds and decided not to stretch their association with Ramsey.

The most reliable online bookmakers now have AC Milan as the team most likely to have Ramsey on their books come the end of the August 2019 Transfer Window, with Arsenal all the way out at 10-1 after the way they have treated the Welshman.

Unai Emery, after taking over, had heaped praises on Ramsey and had said that he had tremendous qualities. So to let somebody like that go, when he is not even old and is actually at that stage of his career where he is close to his prime and might actually play some of his best football in the next 2-3 years, the move seemed bizarre.

It is believed that one of the reasons why Arsenal made that decision was because they have quite a few players who are on high salary at the moment. They signed a couple of new faces the previous winter and their salary is also understood to be quite high. So the club is looking to cut down on that by offloading a few of the high-salary players which is the reason why they are letting Ramsey go.