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The furiousness of the Arsenal supporters of late has started to concern the boss Arsene Wenger. Wenger believes the pressure which has been created by negative reactions of the supporters might start telling on the players at this key phase of Premiership.

Arsenal Fans

The Gunners have got the most loyal and the most patient of the supporters. Even through that long period during which they were totally deprived of the titles, rarely was there any negativity coming from the supporters.

But, recently, the supporters have lost their cool and that’s totally justifiable as Arsenal, after having a good start to the League and getting themselves on track for the title, have lost their way again and has got themselves at a point where apart from playing well themselves, they now need Leicester City, the table leaders, to play badly from here on in to have things turned around for them.

So, that’s what has made the supporters go a little angry and that, according to Wenger, is not something he prefers.
Wenger, who was interacting with the press after Arsenal’s 2-2 draw in the home game against the Spurs, said, “I want happiness among the supporters, but, that’s not the case at the moment and its worrying me a little bit to be honest as it’s not going to do any good to the confidence of the team.”

“From the supporters’ point of view though, you can definitely understand why they are angry. They had expectations which obviously we couldn’t stand up to, but, we need their backing.”

Whilst Arsenal don't quite have horse racing odds to win the league, their chances of doing so fall with every dismal draw and awful defeat, so it is no wonder that fans feel aggrieved at letting one of their best chances slip through their fingers.

“However, I think our response has been brilliant. With all the criticism and pressure, our confidence was not at the maximum going into this game. So, considering that, I don’t think it’s a result which we should be disappointed with.”