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Ramsey’s injury could be prevented

Wales manager Chris Coleman has stated that Aaron Ramsey’s injury could have been prevented and that it was a disappointment for him to be missing a player of this quality.

He said that Wales need all its best players for the World Cup qualifiers and that he was hoping that Aaron Ramsey would have been available for this match.

Wales will be looking to participate in their first World Cup after having made a good performance at the Euros. Chris Coleman said that he has a good squad and believes that his team can make it through the World Cup qualifiers if only each player gives their best on the pitch.

The Wales manager said that he does not understand why Arsene Wenger has allowed the Welsh international to start the season early with Arsenal while he allowed the other internationals some additional rest. He admitted that Ramsey is quite strong physically, but this does not mean that he does not require rest. He believes that the Welsh should have been given additional rest after his participation at the Euros, and it is this lack of rest that has caused the injuries.

Coleman said that it is now the Wales team that will be suffering from the absence of Aaron Ramsey and that they will need to look for alternatives for the player.

Arsene Wenger on the hand has stated that the only reason that he allows Ramsey to start the season was that Wales were out early from the tournament. He said that Ozil, Koscielny, and Giroud played more games in France and that they require additional rest.

The Arsenal manager has stated that Ramsey will be back after the international break and that he does not believe that the injury will require additional treatment.