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Ramsey Aiming For FA Cup Win

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has stated that he wants to win the FA Cup this year and end the incredible trophy drought that has haunted the club for the last nine years. Arsenal will be taking on Hull city in the FA Cup final on Sunday looking to lift the trophy, which was also the last major title in 2005. Since then, they have suffered several defeats in the last stages of competitions and this also includes the 2006 Champions League final as well. Ramsey’s return to the team after a spell on the sidelines has coincided with an improvement in form.

The midfielder suffered an injury going into 2014. Back then, Arsenal were leading the table with a five-point advantage, but now, they just about managed to qualify for the Champions League next season. Ramsey has absent during this period and it was not until the last few weeks that he came back into the team after recovering from the injury. Since his return, the club has been performing at a very good level, which has given Ramsey hope and confidence that they can win against Hull on Sunday.

Arsenal will certainly be the favourites going into the competition knowing that they have a lot of big gain experience over the years.

"I have had a disappointment at Wembley in a final before with Cardiff and hopefully this time it will be different. It is really exciting for us, and it is where we want to be, competing to win silverware and we have a big opportunity to do that. Hardly anyone of us in the dressing room has won anything, so hopefully it would drive us on. We have people here who are hungry to win and we are still a really young team and were top of the league right up until February,” said Ramsey.