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With the horrors of the broken leg suffered last season Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal fans can look back at a successful year for the 21 year old. At such a young age his achievements have been significant, including becoming captain of his national team and becoming an increasingly important player for his club side.

The Arsenal midfielder has gone from strength to strength this season and improved significantly. There are still questions over his game and many improvements need to be made, but should he and Jack Wilshire be able to avoid injury and form a partnership, the pairing may become one of the most formidable midfield pairings around.

The biggest danger for Ramsey is another poor start for Arsenal, in fact when Arsenal have been on poor form this year, many fans have been quick to point out Ramsey’s poor performances, it seems he may well become a victim of the blame culture which is becoming ever present in the modern game. The Arsenal Manager has also received some undeserved criticism from his owns fans this year despite a third place finish. Ramsey’s performance this year although at some points inconsistent has certainly been a step in the right direction and it seems likely that he will be a major part of Stuart Pierce’s Olympic squad.

With Jack Wilshire remaining an option for a return from injury in time to compete in the 2012 Olympics as well, this could see the birth of their partnership and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them both return to their club with a gold medal and as an established pairing ready to push on from last season. For this reason Arsenal fans should be watching the Olympic football very closely as an insight into the future of their club.