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Ryan Giggs hopeful on Ramsey for his Performance in Euro Cup

Ryan Giggs is hopeful that that his compatriot Aaron Ramsey would be able to represent the Welsh National Football Team in the Euro Cup qualifying games coming up.

Ramsey’s fitness is quite worrying off late both for the Arsenal as well as the Wales fans.
He has been trying to cope with a dodgy hamstring right through the summer and he is not guaranteed at all to be fit when those qualifiers come along.

If he is fit, his place in the Welsh squad is not going to be in doubt. He and Gareth Bale are the two topmost picks in the country at the moment and these two have got to play, fitness permitting.

According to Giggs, who played for Wales for 16 years, the problem with the Dragons is that they don’t have depth and thus, they are sort of over reliant on the few world class players that they have got and Ramsey is one of them. So, it’s very important for him to be available to go into those games.

Speaking to a website, Giggs said, “There are teams which have a very strong back up and even if one or two big guys fail to show up, they are alright. But, with us, it’s different. We lack depth and thus, we need our key men to be there firing.”

“Aaron does not seem to have any issues now. He played a game in the league the other day. I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully, he will be playing the qualifiers.”

There’s been a lack of bite in Ramsey’s game this season and that would not have surprised too many people. Playing with a fragile hamstring and performing to your best is quite difficult no matter how much of physical strength you possess.